Something Radiates


A Genre-Bending  Paranormal Thriller

From lusty swamp romps to dream invasions and psychic battles of will, this mother’s quest for survival and love will yank you from the psychedelic fringes of nirvana to demented stalker hell and back again.

"Brenda Smith infuses her thriller with elements of urban fantasy and new age wisdom, as if Deepak Chopra rewrote Twilight."

- A. Rafael Johnson, author of The Through & Wince, Two-time Pushcart Prize nominee 

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Paranormal Thriller based on Tim Leary, Carlos Castaneda, Carl Jung & Zen

Cover Photo by Linda Myers

Book Blurb

Telepathic dreamer Sarah Stevens worked for fourteen years to build the courage to leave her cruel husband Dietrich Peters, and four more years to build a life for her and her two teenage sons in steamy Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Just as Sarah meets a good man she could fall in love with in a heartbeat, Dietrich barges back into her life, and Sarah is not about to put up with it.

But Dietrich will not be deterred. He invades her home, her dreams, her mind, and he grows more threatening with each passing hour. Sarah fights resolutely for her family and freedom but soon has trouble separating the emotional turmoil dredged up by Dietrich from the terrifying reality that engulfs her.

Sarah must revisit her abused past, learn new psychic skills, and summon all her untapped mental and spiritual resources for the fight of her life.


Something Fun


If I were Stefon from Sat. Night Live, the ultra-hip entertainment reviewer, here's what I'd say about my book: 

The Newest Wicked Fun in Paranormal Thrillers is SOMETHING RADIATES. It’s got EVERYTHING:
• Red-Hot Swamp Sex
• A Bayou Bogeyman Who’s Lost His Mind
• Hallucinations, Dream Invasions, Out-of-Body Excursions
• “Trips” to nirvana, IF you know what I mean
• Mountain Climbing, Glimpses of God, Breaking and Entering
• A Deadhead Mystic, Timothy Leary
• And, you know, that thing where you dream something is happening and it turns out it really happened while you were dreaming it?
• An adventure for the whole family … well, maybe not your kids … but you don’t even have to leave home!”